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Espresso Lessons

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ISBN : 9780974011233
RRP $ 44.95

EXPRESSO LESSONS                                                                       The Rock Warrior’s Way: Mental Training for Climbers, first published in 2003, outlines the foundation of the Warrior’s Way ® material. Espresso Lessons takes the material into practical climbing situations. It is the “how to” application of The Rock Warrior’s Way, intended to build upon and complement it.
Mental fitness training is simply improving your ability to keep attention in the moment. The most challenging—and interesting— moment in rock climbing is when your mind doubts whether or not you can continue climbing. Knowing when it is appropriate to push through this doubt and when to back off is critical for taking appropriate risks.  Espresso Lessons helps you take appropriate risks. It is an intentional approach to risk-taking that includes very specific processes for gathering information, assessing risks, making risk decisions, and taking effective action.  Many climbers ignore or avoid falling. Espresso Lessons addresses falling head-on, through intentional falling practice. It also includes specific exercises to practice all phases of risk-taking, allowing you to integrate the Warrior’s Way ® material in a practical and tangible way.

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Macstyle Code : 131924

ISBN : 9781920995072
RRP $ 17.95


Contains comprehensive track notes for walking the South Coast Track in Tasmania. The guide has  9 -1:50,000 colour topographic maps of the entire track, 50 colour photographs plus gradient profiles of the track.  This is an all colour production with full track notes for both directions along the trail. The colour topographic maps and notes have been colour coded for each direction to reduce confusion about which notes are currently being followed. This is one of the worlds great wilderness walks and takes 6 to 8 days to walk. Most plan for 7 days and it is suggested to carry one spare days food in case a river floods causing delays

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Macstyle Code : 112645
ISBN : 9781920995065
RRP $ 37.50


This is the guide for the Australian Alps Walking Track which runs from Walhalla near Melbourne to Canberra. It includes full track notes to the 660km route. An essential companion for anyone intending to walk the track.

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Macstyle Code : 118057
ISBN : 9781570340192
RRP $ 21.95

100 interesting way to go, from the renowned outdoors doctor-storyteller Buck Tilton

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Macstyle Code : 132022
ISBN : 9781741786002
RRP $ 16.95

The Little Book of Big Aussie Icons

Celebrate 50 of Australia’s craziest roadside attractions! Features awesome images and fun, interesting facts about the icon.

<>Written by Craig Scutt, local journalist and Lonely Planet author. Discover the how’s and why’s with interesting stories and trivia about the icon and the community around it. Each spread includes a bit of background information about the icon –its history, culture and relevance today.  <>
A fun, light-hearted Australiana title perfect for the whole family. .

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Macstyle Code : 118280
ISBN : 9781921203688
RRP  $  29.95


Explore the very best camping spots in New South Wales with this fully updated, detailed directory to more than 600 designated campsites in national parks, state forests and reserves. With Camping Guide to NSW, 5th edition, you'll discover places where you can pitch your tent on a mountain peak, wander along secluded beaches, throw in a line from your campsite beside a meandering inland river or enjoy a beachfront campsite with the ocean at your doorstep. Now in full colour with a comprehensive touring atlas. Craig Lewis and Cathy Savage established Boiling Billy Publications in 1995 and have been travelling, camping out and writing ever since.


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Macstyle Code : 122557
ISBN :  9781921203985
RRP  $  29.95

CAMPING GUIDE TO SOUTH AUSTRALIA  3/e                                                                                                        Experience the very best camping destinations in South Australia with this full-colour, fully updated and detailed directory to over 300 campsites. With Camping Guide to South Australia, 3rd Edition, you'll find a comprehensive listing of more than 120 parks, forests and reserves where you can pitch your tent, roll out your swag or unhitch your van. This expanded 3rd edition of the best-selling guide provides concise and accurate details to camping areas throughout the whole state, including those along the Murray River, in the stunningly beautiful Flinders Ranges and in remote outback South Australia, along the picturesque coastline of the South- East, across the Eyre and Yorke peninsula's and, of course, on the delightful playground which is Kangaroo Island.

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Macstyle Code : 122904
ISBN :  9780898866544
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Where does the hard-core aspirant or dreamer turn? The only master class in print, Extreme Alpinism delivers an expert dose of reality and practical techniques for advanced climbers. Focusing on how top alpine climbers approach the world's most difficult routes, Twight centres his instruction on the ethos of climbing the hardest routes with the least amount of gear and the most speed. 

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Macstyle Code :  132023
ISBN :  9781921203756
RRP  $  39.95


From the authors of Australia's favourite bush camping and 4WD guides comes a striking review of Australia's iconic bush pubs. No-one is in a better position to know which are the countries most extraordinary bush pubs - or to write about and photograph them. Lavishly illustrated with striking and fascinating full-colour photographs, Australian Bush Pubs features an eclectic collection of the outback's historic watering holes, including such classics as Queenland's famous Birdsville Hotel and New South Wales's characterful Tilpa Hotel. The accompanying text portrays a short history of each establishment along with any unusual aspects, such as happenings, famous patrons and even ghosts!.

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